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High-end drone 3D mapping services:  LiDAR, Survey, Photogrammetry, 3D modeling, Assets inspection, Oil & GAS, Mining, Archaeology, Civil Engineering, Forest

UAV solutions, the next generation of services

Technology never stops evolving and improving. Today drones have become an essential tool in the industrial sector and more precisely for topography and mapping. The traditional mapping used to take weeks and now only days, even hours to complete the same job, not to mention saving resources and reducing accident risk.

Drones have become a popular tool for aerial data collection in construction, surveying, and mining. 3D Mapping is now a big part of drone activities. The 3D maps are perfect to plan your next construction, make a survey, or monitor agriculture. Our drones can make a 2D orthomosaic map or 3D Maps like point cloud or 3D mesh. The drone can see also the differences in elevation and make the contours lines of the field. The files can be export in different format like DXF (Autodesk), LAS, KMZ (google earth integration)

LiDAR, the most advanced and reliable technology

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At bali drone production, we continue to invest in high-end equipment in order to provide our customers with exceptional and trustworthy services, always at the cutting edge of technology. That is why we are equipped with LiDAR technology to carry out the most demanding projects. If we take into account all the factors of a project, a topography produced by LiDAR will be produced 30X faster than a conventional mapping, will have 4x more details and will save you 2x more money.

see the invisible…

One of the main advantage of Lidar compared to other methods, such as photogrammetry for example, LiDAR is able to pierce vegetation, even dense, to reach the ground and make measurements with precision. Not all Lidar have the same quality and power, but at Bali Drone Production our material is the best on the market and is able to pass up to 5 levels of foliage, with a precision of 1 cm and an accuracy of 2,5cm. Thanks to drones, mapping difficult-to-access terrain is now possible and can reveal the secrets hidden by the vegetation.

The photogrammetry: orthomosaic and 3D modeling

The second method to carry out a mapping by drone is to use photogrammetry, a process which consists in gridding an area of photos and then, using the image processing algorithm, defining the reliefs and volumes. Coupled with RTK coordinates, the plans are precise to the nearest centimeter and can, therefore, be used for precision projects. Photogrammetry allows the export of 3D maps but also of 2D plans like orthomosaic plans that you can integrate directly into your management or development software. You can also integrate the maps to google earth to benefit from up-to-date satellite shots. The only limitation is the vegetation, which will interfere with to calculate accurate data, so we advise to switch to the LiDAR technology in this case.

What services do we offer?

Bali Drone Production provides mapping and topography services using lidar and photogrammetry. We are equipped with the latest technologies: 3D laser scanner, RTK GNSS antenna, Matrice 600 pro, inspire 2, and much more. We also provide asset inspection services and surveys. Our services are oriented for the Oil & Gas industry, Mining, Archeology, Civil Engineering, Forest management, real estate development. At Bali Drone Production we are very proud to bringing drone lidar mapping services in Indonesia and all over the country’s islands like Kalimantan, Borneo, Java, Sumatra, Lombok, Sulawesi, Papua, and many others…

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Example of outputs

Elevation Map

Contour Lines

Point Cloud 3D

The service branch for industry

To provide a better understanding and be able to offer more UAV services, we are proud to present our new branch: MSDI. This new website deals more specifically with our options for the industry. You will also find more information on our technologies and our previous work. You can, of course, continue to contact us via BaliDroneProduction for mapping services or any other request, we will be happy to answer you.

MSDI is providing UAV solutions for industry and topography. Drone Mapping, High-end LiDAR technology, High accuracy for real estate or civil engineering project, forest management, Oil & GAS, corridor, mining, 3D model, Archaeology, Asset inspections. More information on

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