Where to BUY drones in Bali ?

Nice to see that now you can fly by yourself. This is a list of shop who sell drone in Bali  :

Where to REPAIR drones in Bali ?

Sometimes, Bali is full of surprises and you may need to repair your drone or to fix some unexpected issues with your drone. Broken camera, problems with motor or ESC, you get a bad experience with a tree or a kite? No panic, these guys will help you to fix your drone and save your vacation or shooting.


  1. I would like to rent a drone if possible this week. If I have to purchase only, do you guys deliver same day?

    • Hi Epiphany, we sent you an email already. Check your box 😉

      • Drone tipe apa aja yg bisa di service? Khusus DJI aja ayo bisa merk lain? Saya punya hubsan zino pro. Kalau yg bermasalah di remotenya apa bisa di service juga? Mohon infonya

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  3. Do you deal with Anafi drones. I have parrot Anafi. Little water got on sky controller 3 and now it won’t connect to smartphone. So either need to troubleshoot sky controller or buy replacement.

    • Hi Michael, sorry we don’t work with Anafi drone, otherwise, it will be a pleasure to help you. Maybe you can check with the shop listed on our website if they have what you need, or you can try the website tokopedia, the delivery is fast. Hope you will found it. best regard arnaud

    • Hi Michael did you find someone who fixes anafi? My gimble is not working.

  4. I need help … I arrive in Bali on Monday and I left my charger for my Matic pro 2 home. I need to find a place to buy once I arrive

    • Hey drew, I am sure the shop listed above, have what you need, please contact them 🙂

  5. Hello, I crashed my drone into a tree near the beach. It landed on the beach and in a little bit of sea water. I am flying back to Denpasar tonight, but leave for Gili Trawangan in the morning. Is someone able to repair it in such short time?

    • Hi Jared, if you are close to kuta you can call Dennis at this number +62818880361 or M.Wayan at this number +6281916578918 if you are close to Canggu.

  6. Hi. Any guess where I can rent drone or buy used one in Bali? Crashed mine M1P couple days ago but still several weeks left to explore Bali.

    • Hi, my Bepop 2 comes up with motor error 11..
      And doesn’t take flight.

      Can you help?

  7. Hello, where can I buy a DJI Mavic 2 Pro? Thanks for your answer. kind regards

  8. hello guys , i need to repair my hubsan zino after small crash, just need to change one rotor as it is full of sand, maybe just need to clean but i dont have the equipment here to do it myself, and change the propellers , any advice where to go ? thank you

    • you can contact balicoptere or DJI repair bali, mentioned above

  9. Hi, I have parrot mini drone rolling spider but one of the motor (clockwise one I guess) stop working after crashed the roof. Is there anyone who can fix it or where can I buy the spare part?

    • I invite you to contact the shops above or to check online on tokopedia

  10. I would like to rent a drone if possible this week. If I have to purchase only, do you guys deliver same day?

  11. Hello We do have a Dji mini and it shows an error Gimbal stuck, shall we go to your shop for repair?

  12. How much to rent a Drone?

  13. Marvelous post! I simply love being a piece of the drone network.

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